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Veneers in Berlin


Bleaching in Berlin

The way to a bright and shiny smile

A shiny white smile stands for beauty, health and vitality. But over time, teeth darken due to various dyes in our diet. If you want to give your teeth back a fresh white appearance, BLEIBTREU DENTISTS offer you a safe and gentle method to remove unwanted coloration. It is called "dental bleaching".

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Veneers in Berlin

What exactly are veneers?

The veneer itself is a thin layer of tooth-like ceramic that is attached to the front of the tooth. This way we can carry out highly aesthetic corrections without affecting your dental health.

Veneers that are manufactured with the appropriate care usually last longer than 10 years. At BLEIBTREU ZAHNÄRZTE you benefit from quality-enhancing methods for veneers in Berlin:

  • Master dental technician based in Charlottenburg, specializing in anterior tooth aesthetics

  • Use of dental ceramics made in Germany

  • State-of-the-art adhesive technology

Veneers in Berlin

How long does a veneer last?
Zähne vorher& nachher

For bleaching in Berlin at BLEIBTREU DENTISTS, we first analyze your tooth discoloration - depending on the cause, a professional teeth cleaning can lead to brighter teeth. 


If bleaching is advisable, we basically offer two options:

So called InOffice bleaching: this means teeth whitening takes place directly in the practice (time required: approx. 90 minutes). We use Philips Zoom for this option.


 Home-Bleaching in Berlin: Here you perform the bleaching at home with specially made bleaching trays (time requirement a few nights).

Bleaching in Berlin

Teeth whitening procedures

Frau Kaffee

Tooth discoloration

The causes

Are you interested in bleaching in Berlin at BLEIBTREU DENTISTS and wondering why your teeth appear dark in the first place? We distinguish between external and internal discoloration of the teeth.


What are veneers?

Veneers are highly aesthetic shells made of tooth-like ceramics that can be used to correct the shape and color of aesthetically unsatisfactory front teeth. In order to fix the veneer, only the front part of the tooth needs to be lightly sanded (sometimes not even). The veneer is then attached to the front of the tooth with long-term stability and can then be used immediately.

Are there any disadvantages to veneers?

Front teeth damaged in large areas cannot be restored with veneers. Partial crowns or crowns are more suitable here. Severely discolored teeth should not be veneered directly because, as with natural tooth enamel, discoloration shines through with a veneer. The cause of the discoloration must first be clarified. Once the discoloration has been removed, veneers can be used.

What are the benefits of veneers?

Where can I get advice on veneers?

For veneers, unlike conventional crowns, teeth hardly need to be filed or not at all. This makes veneers a gentle treatment with which you can significantly beautify the smile. In addition, veneers are long-term stable. They do not discolor like fillings and are very resistant to breakage. The wearing comfort compared to your own teeth remains unchanged.

For veneers in Berlin, you can get our professional advice at the BLEIBTREU ZAHNÄRZTE practice in Charlottenburg. We produce veneers with a master dental technician who specializes in anterior tooth aesthetics. A consultation also includes a routine check-up of your teeth.

What needs to be taken care of before and after treatment?

Before a bleaching in Berlin at the BLEIBTREU DENTISTS a dental check-up is useful to check possible medical reasons against a treatment. A few days before bleaching, a professional teeth cleaning is recommended, because the optimal effect is only achieved on perfectly clean teeth.

Veneers in Berlin

The gentle alternative for beautiful teeth

What do you look at first when you meet someone? Around half of Germans answer quite naturally: the mouth and the teeth. Veneers (aesthetic ceramic crowns) are a modern and extremely gentle treatment that produce a permanently beautiful result so that you are satisfied with your teeth and can laugh without hesitation.

Veneers impress with their high aesthetics while at the same time protecting the tooth substance. The ceramic used for veneers does not differ in feel or appearance from a natural tooth. Here at BLEIBTREU ZAHNÄRZTE, we work together with a master dental technician, specialized in anterior tooth aesthetics for veneer treatment.

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At first we will advise you whether veneers are the optimal treatment for your particular case. Depending on your situation, the following measures may be useful as an alternative or in addition to veneers:

  • Professional teeth whitening 

  • Aesthetic anterior fillings (made of a plastic-ceramic mixture) 

  • Correction of the tooth position using splints 

At BLEIBTREU ZAHNÄRZTE we follow a strict procedure: 

Veneers are first manufactured as “test veneers” in plastic, tested (the so-called mock-up) and temporarily attached. Together we change the shape of your test veneers in order to further improve the appearance. You can then wear your test veneers for a trial period to experience your new smile. Once you are fully completely convinced, the test veneers are transferred to the tooth-shaped ceramic. The final result looks even better. 

Questions about veneers in Berlin? 

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Here you can see results of our treatment

Bleaching in Berlin

Teeth whitening procedures

A shiny white smile stands for beauty, health and vitality. But over time, teeth darken due to various dyes in our diet. If you want to give your teeth back a fresh white appearance, BLEIBTREU DENTISTS offer you a safe and gentle method to remove unwanted coloration. It is called "dental bleaching".

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