Teeth cleaning in Charlottenburg

What happens when you clean your teeth

With professional teeth cleaning, the areas that you can hardly reach or cannot reach yourself are cleaned and the plaque is removed with professional equipment. We also advise you on how to improve your dental care at home, and together we will decide which tools are best for you.

We understand sustainable dentistry to be prevention rather than repair medicine. Professional teeth cleaning is an essential part of this.
The preventive effect of professional teeth cleaning at risk-dependent intervals has been scientifically proven.

Effective teeth cleaning

Sustainable teeth cleaning as a working basis

With a professional teeth cleaning in Charlottenburg, you will be looked after by professionally trained specialists. Our dental hygienist Simone Freter B. Sc. and the prophylaxis team are looking forward to your visit.


The treatments are carried out protecting the soft tissues and the hard tooth substance.

Our quality-enhancing methods include:

  • With the latest airflow device even persistent discolorations can be gently removed with a jet of fine powder

  • With our ultrasound device, hard deposits that have hardened can be loosened carefully

  • With our routine periodontal disease screening, gum disease is detected at an early stage

  • We are specially trained for the treatment of periodontal disease

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Teeth cleaning in Charlottenburg

Quality-enhancing methods at BLEIBTREU ZAHNÄRZTE


Teeth cleaning

What teeth cleaning does

A good teeth cleaning is wellness for the teeth and gums. Along with dental care at home, cleaning teeth causes:

- significantly less tooth decay and gum disease

- prevents bad breath

- discoloration is removed and natural white returns

- teeth cleaning promotes health and well-being

Teeth cleaning | How often?

A recommendation on the frequency of professional teeth cleaning varies from person to person. It depends on several factors, including the extent to which you care for your teeth at home, your tendency to develop tartar or your susceptibility to periodontal disease.

Teeth cleaning in Charlottenburg | Where?

At the BLEIBTREU ZAHNÄRZTE practice we perform professional teeth cleaning in Charlottenburg.

We work with the latest dental equipment, thus enabling gentle but effective teeth cleaning.

Our dental hygienist will then work with you to develop a plan to optimize your dental care.

How is teeth cleaning done?

With a teeth cleaning, the teeth are gently freed from hard and soft deposits. These are the deposits that you cannot reach yourself or that can only be removed with professional equipment. For example, tartar can be gently loosened with an ultrasound device. Discoloration can be removed with jet of fine powder. With us, teeth cleaning always includes advice on how to optimize your own dental care.

What are the advantages of professional teeth cleaning?

Regular professional teeth cleaning has been proven to reduce the risk of tooth decay and tooth loss and is therefore an important part of preventive dental care. In addition, good teeth cleaning ensures a pleasant and fresh feeling in the oral cavity.


Teeth cleaning

For sustainable oral health

Prophylaxis is an important component of sustainable dentistry, as together with your daily dental care it prevents diseases of the oral cavity. Regardless of age, the risk of tooth decay and tooth loss is significantly reduced, because prophylaxis is the opposite of "repair medicine".

Ultimately, you can feel more comfortable and confident in everyday life while giving your teeth the best possible care.

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The benefits of teeth cleaning

Professional teeth cleaning ensures a feeling of cleanliness and security.
It has been proven that the risk of future tooth decay and gum disease is significantly reduced.

  • Teeth cleaning also removes solid deposits that cannot be removed with a toothbrush and floss

  • Your teeth shine brighter after a cleaning due to discoloration​ removal

  • Teeth cleaning has a preventive effect against bad breath​

  • Swollen gums heal and stop bleeding​

  • You have a competent contact person to optimize your dental care​

The most sustainable treatment is the preservation and care of your own teeth.

In addition to your home dental care,

prophylaxis is crucial.


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