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Are you looking for a specialist for root canal treatment in Berlin? At BLEIBTREU DENTISTS, Dr. Lennard Krüger, a specially trained dentist in the field of root canal treatment will take care of you. Dr. Krüger has completed an extensive series of advanced training as an endodontist and has many years of experience in treatment with a surgical microscope. 

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Do you need a root canal treatment in Berlin? The equipment in the BLEIBTREU ZAHNÄRZTE practice enables treatments at the highest level. Among other things, we are equipped with a high-performance surgical microscope and a 3-D X-ray device. With the surgical microscope, even the finest structures in your tooth can be captured precisely. This enables precise, thorough work that is gentle to the tooth.

Root canal treatment

with the latest equipment

Root canal treatment at the BLEIBTREU DENTISTS

Aim of a root canal treatment

For a root canal treatment in Berlin, you have a competent team at BLEIBTREU DENTISTS. Root canal treatment is always necessary when bacteria get inside the tooth. Your immune system cannot get inside an infected tooth. Because of this, the bacteria can settle here undisturbed. From there, bacteria can spread into the surrounding tissue and cause severe inflammation, including swelling and abscesses. That is why it is so important to completely remove all bacteria from the tooth.

After successful root canal treatment, inflammation will heal quickly, therefore preserving your tooth over the long term. Although the tissue inside the tooth is now missing, the tooth is still not to be considered dead. The entire outer skin of the tooth remains alive.

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Root canal treatment

When is it necessary?

Root canal treatment is always necessary when bacteria have entered the interior of the tooth. The aim of a good root canal treatment is to remove bacteria completely so that your tooth is preserved in the long term.  The treatment is painless and gentle. At the end of the treatment, the tooth does not differ visually from adjacent teeth.

When is root canal treatment necessary?

Root canal treatment becomes necessary when bacteria get inside the tooth. This can be noticed, for example, by severe pain in the tooth or by swelling in the region. A root canal treatment removes the bacteria from the tooth and the tooth can be preserved.

What are the benefits of a root canal treatment?

Bacteria can spread throughout the body from an infected tooth. With a root canal treatment, your tooth will be freed from bacteria and tooth loss will be avoided. The treated tooth does not look different from adjacent teeth, you can still chew well and you will not be able to see anything from outside.

Is a root canal treatment painful?

With the methods of modern dentistry, root canal treatment can be carried out almost completely painlessly. At BLEIBTREU DENTISTS we also use a powerful surgical microscope with which we can treat your tooth particularly gently and precisely.

What happens after a root canal treatment?

With modern equipment such as an operating microscope, ultrasound and 3-D X-ray, the prognosis of success for a root canal treatment is very high. After the root canal treatment, the tooth is not dead. The entire outer skin of the tooth is still alive and the tooth can be preserved in the long term. At the BLEIBTREU DENTISTS we use only state-of-the-art tools for root canal treatment.



Quality root canal treatment

Our quality-enhancing methods are:


We use a powerful surgical microscope to find even the smallest canals and to work in a way that is gentle to the substance


  • With the help of the electrometric root length determination, the tooth length can be measured exactly - without an X-ray

  • Rubber dam is a surgical drape that is used to keep the tooth clean during treatment.

  • Highly flexible titanium files ensure gentle and thorough cleaning of the canals

  • The cleaning rinsing solution is activated by ultrasound, which significantly increases the cleaning effect

The root filling is thermoplastically condensed - so even unusually shaped canals are perfectly filled.

For a root canal treatment in Berlin, you have certified staff at BLEIBTREU DENTISTS.

Root canal treatment

With microscope support and pain free

Despite all the progress in dentistry, your own tooth is still the best solution. At the dental practice BLEIBTREU DENTISTS we put special emphasis on preserving even affected teeth in the long term. With the means of modern root canal treatment, the prognosis of success is very high, and treatment can be performed painlessly.

If bacteria remain in the tooth despite root canal treatment, this can lead to problems even years later. While the success rate of a root canal treatment used to be often compromised by remaining bacteria, modern procedures allow for a very high prognosis of success.


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