Consulting on equal footing


Only if we have the consent of parents and, above all, that of the child,  can we carry out treatment with necessary calm. Consultation on equal footing also means to discuss concerns and fears with your child beforehand. Your child is the center of attention - not only their teeth, but their character.  Are you looking for a dentist for your family in Charlottenburg? Schedule your appointment online or by phone.

Prophylaxis, i.e. preventive care through tooth cleaning and consultation, is also important for a child with milk teeth. It is true that milk teeth are replaced by permanent teeth after a few years. However, a destroyed or missing milk tooth is still harmful, because it hinders the straight emergence of  permanent teeth. This leads to costly orthodontic follow-up treatments. Decay of milk teeth can also spread to permanent teeth.  

In children's prophylaxis, three main things are done: a professional cleaning of the teeth, a joint brushing check and a sealing of the teeth as protection against cavities.

Children's teeth prophylaxis is, by the way, a service provided twice a year by the statutory health insurance (6 to 18 years of age). Of course, we offer all services of the statutory health insurance. 

Children's tooth prophylaxis

Your family dentist in Charlottenburg

Your dentist in Charlottenburg

Our offer for families and kids

Are you looking for a dentist for your children in Charlottenburg?

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BLEIBTREU ZAHNÄRZTE. Our surgery is designed to meet the needs of the entire family. For our youngest patients we offer:

If you are looking for a dentist for you and your family in Charlottenburg, the BLEIBTREU DENTISTS under management of Dr. Lennard Krüger are ready to assist.

Our dentists have completed extensive advanced training in implantology, endodontology, aesthetic dentistry and pediatric dentistry.

  • Children's prophylaxis

  • Cavity treatment for children

  • Fissure sealants

  • Orthodontic treatment

  • Consultation and combined checkups for parents with kids

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lachendes Kind

Sustainable dentistry

Even with our youngest patients, we stand for our concept of sustainable dentistry - that means consultation on equal footing, maximum gentle treatments and optimal prophylaxis.
For us, consultation at eye level means that we also discuss necessary treatments together with your child.

When do I need to take my child to the dentist for the first time?

Your child should have their first checkup no later than 2.5 years of age, when the primary dentition is complete. At BLEIBTREU DENTISTS, we recommend that you take your child to your own examination at any age prior. This way, your child can get a taste of what it's like to visit a dentist and get used to the unfamiliar smells and sounds of a dental surgery.

Why are the milk teeth equally important?

Heavily decayed or missing milk teeth hinder the straight growth of the permanent teeth. This can result in costly orthodontic treatment. Decay of milk teeth can also spread to permanent teeth. 

What do I need to consider before my child's first dental checkup?

Before the first examination, please avoid creating negative expectations in your child, for example by promising that it "won't hurt" or that there will be a surprise afterwards. It is best if your child comes with an open mind. This way, we can take advantage of the child's curiosity to make the visit to BLEIBTREU DENTISTS an interesting and pleasant experience.

What is child's teeth prophylaxis?

At BLEIBTREU DENTISTS, we offer a semi-annual children's prophylaxis for our young patients. The teeth and milk teeth are cleaned professionally and together with the child we look at where he or she may need to brush better. From the age of 6, children's prophylaxis is also covered by statutory health insurance. This means that there are no further costs for you.


schreiendes Kind

Ab wann sollte ich mit meinem Kind zum Zahnarzt?

Sie sollten Ihr Kind spätestens mit 2,5 Jahren zur Kontrolluntersuchung bringen. In diesem Alter ist das Milchgebiss meist schon vollständig. Gerne können Sie Ihr Kind aber auch schon vorher zu Ihrer eigenen Untersuchung mitbringen. Warum ist das sinnvoll? Die Gerüche und Geräusche sind für ein Kind ungewöhnlich. Bei den BLEIBTREU ZAHNÄRZTEN möchten wir Sie daher ermutigen, dass Ihr Kind schon vor der ersten eigenen Untersuchung einmal zuschaut, wie bei Mama bzw. Papa die „Zähne gezählt werden“.  

Einen Termin können Sie auch online vereinbaren.


Vor der ersten Untersuchung vermeiden Sie bitte, bei Ihrem Kind negative Erwartungen zu wecken. Dies kann passieren, wenn Sie Ihrem Kind versprechen, dass es nicht weh tut, oder eine Überraschung danach in Aussicht stellen. So erwartet Ihr Kind schon eine unangenehme Erfahrung. Besser ist es, Ihr unvoreingenommenes Kind zu uns zu begleiten. So können wir die kindliche Neugier nutzen, den Besuch beim Zahnarzt zu einem interessanten und angenehmen Erlebnis zu machen.
Als Kinderzahnarzt in Charlottenburg sind wir uns der hohen Verantwortung bewusst, schon den kleinsten Patienten ein nachhaltig entspanntes Verhältnis zum Zahnarzt zu ermöglichen.


Your family dentist in Charlottenburg

The foundation for a life without dental problems can be laid in childhood age.

If milk teeth are already well cared for, the conditions for permanent teeth are ideal. Another important factor for sustained good dental health is a trusting relationship with the dentist. Many adults have developed fears of dental visits as a result of bad experiences in childhood. Against this background, the BLEIBTREU DENTISTS are very aware of this responsibility and therefore put emphasis on a stress-free treatment for your children.

In order to support children in their dental care, we offer semi-annual check-ups. During these check-ups, we clean the teeth and look together to see where little patients may have been a little careless.
Children are especially welcome at BLEIBTREU DENTISTS!

The right age

When should I take my kids to a dentist?

You should take your child for a check-up at the latest around the age of 2.5 yrs. At this age milk teeth are usually complete. However, you are also welcome to bring your child to your own examination prior to this age. Why is this useful? The smells and sounds are unusual for a child. At the BLEIBTREU DENTISTS, we would like to encourage you to let your child see how mommy or daddy's teeth are counted before their first examination.  

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