Tooth bleaching

external discolorations

External discolorations are caused, for example, by:


  • Stimulants such as tobacco, red wine, coffee, tea, cola

  • Foods such as beet, dark juices and various berries

  • Spices such as curry, turmeric

  • Medications such as iron preparations, chlorhexidine

Internal discoloration can result from:


 • General diseases such as rickets, biliary and 

kidney disease

 • Medications such as tetracycline

  Dead tooth nerves


 • Dental bone deposits inside the tooth

• Amalgam fillings

Bleaching in Berlin

internal discoloration
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For bleaching in Berlin at BLEIBTREU DENTISTS, we first analyze your tooth discoloration - depending on the cause, a professional teeth cleaning can lead to brighter teeth. 


If bleaching is advisable, we basically offer two options:

So called InOffice bleaching: this means teeth whitening takes place directly in the practice (time required: approx. 90 minutes). We use Philips Zoom for this option.


 Home-Bleaching in Berlin: Here you perform the bleaching at home with specially made bleaching trays (time requirement a few nights).


Both methods differ in the concentration of active ingredients and duration. While the results of in-office bleaching in Berlin are visible immediately after treatment, home bleaching requires a little more patience because the active ingredient is in a lower concentration in a splint that is worn overnight or during the day.

Let our team consult you on both options.

Bleaching in Berlin

Teeth whitening procedures

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Tooth discoloration

The causes

Are you interested in bleaching in Berlin at BLEIBTREU DENTISTS and wondering why your teeth appear dark in the first place? We distinguish between external and internal discoloration of the teeth.

What happens during teeth bleaching at the dentist?

Our teeth become darker over time due to the deposition of colorants. These dyes come, for example, from coffee and tobacco, but also from spices such as curry and many other foods. During a dental bleaching, these dyes in the tooth are discolored. The actual bleaching takes about 90 minutes. Afterwards, your teeth will shine in their original white.

How long does the effect of teeth bleaching last?

The effect of bleaching usually lasts for several years. If the teeth discolor again after some time, for example due to heavy coffee consumption, we provide special splints to refresh the bleaching. This does not require a full repitition of treatment, because splints can be applied at home.

Are there any risks associated with teeth bleaching?

For professional bleaching, the teeth must be without cavities and the gums must be free of inflammation. The bleaching is then harmless for the teeth. During and for a few days after bleaching, the teeth may be more sensitive. In our practice we have special toothpastes and gels for such cases.

How much does teeth bleaching cost at BLEIBTREU DENTISTS?

Bleaching in Berlin at the BLEIBTREU DENTISTS ranges from 150 € (single tooth) to 499 € (complete with Philips Zoom), depending on the treatment. In addition, there may be the cost of professional teeth cleaning. If only a refreshing of the bleaching is necessary, a fresh-up splint for approx. 20 € may be sufficient.



What needs to be taken care of before and after treatment?

Before a bleaching in Berlin at the BLEIBTREU DENTISTS a dental check-up is useful to check possible medical reasons against a treatment. A few days before bleaching, a professional teeth cleaning is recommended, because the optimal effect is only achieved on perfectly clean teeth.


After bleaching, we recommend a "white diet" - ideally, you should avoid staining foods and not smoke for the first 5 days.  That way the refreshing whiteness can remain stable for several years after bleaching. Depending on your eating habits, your teeth may darken somewhat after a few years, but a completely new bleaching is usually unnecessary. As specialists for bleaching in Berlin, for such cases we have inexpensive bleaching sets for freshen-up at home.

Bleaching in Berlin

The way to a bright and shiny smile

A shiny white smile stands for beauty, health and vitality. But over time, teeth darken due to various dyes in our diet. If you want to give your teeth back a fresh white appearance, BLEIBTREU DENTISTS offer you a safe and gentle method to remove unwanted coloration. It is called "dental bleaching".

Bleaching is a contemporary, sustainable and gentle method of whitening natural teeth. That way we can ensure that your teeth regain a natural shiny white, bringing back life quality.

Schedule an appointment online and book your teeth bleaching in Berlin!


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